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In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee receives Sundance production grant.
Sundance Press Release


Deann Borshay Liem will speak on a panel and present a sample work of In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee at “ASIAN ADOPTION/ASIAN AMERICAN IDENTITY,” a special colloquium on Sunday November 11, 3-5:30 p.m. at the UC Berkeley Art Museum, Museum Theater. Presented in conjunction with the UC Berkeley Art Museum's major fall exhibition "One Way or Another: Asian American Art Now," on view through Dec. 23.


Deann Borshay Liem screens a sample work of In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee at the Korean Adoptee Artist Showcase presented by the Association of Korean Adoptees – San Francisco (AKS-SF). Additional artists include comedian Amy Anderson, poet Lee Herrick, and singer/musician Katie Tupper.


IN THE MATTER OF CHA JUNG HEE receives Sundance development grant.
Sundance Press Release