Legacies of the Korean War

LEGACIES OF THE KOREAN WAR is a web-based oral history project that gives voice to the memories of Korean Americans whose lives were shaped by the Korean War. The Korean War has left a hidden legacy in the United States: the memories and experiences of Korean American survivors, their descendants, and other members of the war-formed Korean diaspora. First-generation Korean American survivors of that war are now in their eighties and nineties. The time is ripe to highlight their memories as vital to both the historical record and community reflection. By honoring and giving voice to these memories, LEGACIES OF THE KOREAN WAR seeks to foster peace and reconciliation in our communities and in Korea.

This sample is a video oral history of Rev. Duk Joong Won. Go to the LEGACIES OF THE KOREAN WAR website to see more short films, video and audio excerpts, a Korean War timeline, scholar essays and much more.