Memory of Forgotten War

MEMORY OF FORGOTTEN WAR conveys the human costs of military conflict through deeply personal accounts of the Korean War (1950-1953) by four Korean-American survivors. Their stories take audiences through the trajectory of the war, from extensive bombing campaigns, to day-to-day struggle for survival, and separation from family members across the DMZ. Decades later, each person reunites with relatives in North Korea, conveying beyond words the meaning of family loss. These stories belie the notion that war ends when the guns are silenced and foreshadow the future of countless others displaced by ongoing military conflict today.

Memory of Forgotten War Award Laurels

Project Updates

Sep 24, 2015

MEMORY OF FORGOTTEN WAR will screen at Honolulu Museum of Art!
Sept. 24, 2015 7:30 PM, Doris Duke Theater, Seoul Cinema 2015

Sep 18, 2015

MEMORY OF FORGOTTEN WAR has its Korean premiere!
DMZ Int'l Documentary Film Festival, Sept. 18 and 22, 2015

May 09, 2015

MEMORY OF FORGOTTEN WAR airing on PBS stations in May
Check out local listings here!

Mar 21, 2015

MEMORY OF FORGOTTEN WAR nominated for Best Short Documentary and Best Director in Short Documentary at Queens World Film Festival!
Screens March 21st, Secret Theater, Long Island City, NY